Sunday, October 7, 2012

Salon: The Opening

Greetings Fans,

Friday, October 5th was the opening of the MARNSalon: Free Money exhibition. The event was steadily attended and I had about 20 people come by personally to show their support. The exhibition is slated to be up until November 3rd. Take a peak and perhaps you will be able to stop by...
Moments in Between I

Moments in Between II

Waiting for Santa Claus
There will be a public Coffeee & Critque on Satuday (10/13) 11-2pm. The MARN Gallery is open Monday & Tuesday 12-5pm, Thursday & Friday 12-6pm and Saturdays 10-4pm. And of course art objects are for sale, so feel free to bring cash.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salon: The Installation

Greetings Fans!

Yesterday evening I began the installation process with the guest (protege) curator. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with several gallery curators (some also artists), but being an emerging artist you typically self-curate. Also in my job at the Museum, I have several opportunities, dare I say daily, to interact with/have conversation, etc with professional (terminal degree having, experts in a specific field) curators.

One thing I have not experienced was my work being altered from my true intent as the artist and the concept of the installation-- until last night.After placing 29 of the 50 requested 3" x 5" images, I was told this wasn't what SHE was looking for. To say I was totally taken back is an understatement. I wasn't sure how best to respond, but did my best to remain professional. While I preferred my work to form more of grid, SHE preferred a more scattered approach. This is an interactive piece, that as images are sold, people will remove the image right from the wall, leaving a vacant space, a since of wondering, dare I say loss? However, HER intent is to scatter the pieces, remove the connections and associations and leave them there random. And yes, while people will still be able to purchase and remove accordingly, the sense of emptiness and loss is gone and nor implied.

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition, it will be interesting to see the response by viewers. I am most certain the question will be presented, "Why are these pictures installed like this?" My response, "I'm not sure, you should probably ask HER, since it wasn't my intent or idea."

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Salon: The Visit

Greetings Fans,

This is the second installment of my experience in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network Salon II: "Free Money." You can read the details in the post Salon: The Beginning

Yesterday morning, I had my curatorial visit with MARN curator protege Ana Hansa-Ogren. During the visit I shared past and current projects. In addition, we also discussed the current state of my work, and how specific pieces would connect to the topic (Free Money) that will be facilitated by guest curator Michelle Grabner.

I found the experience very interesting. This is only my second studio visit and both times the curator has selected work that I did not think of as my favorite and the last time the curator selected a work in process (YIKES!).

Ana and I discussed a number of items in her selections, because it was important the pieces correlate with the other three artists in the exhibition.One series she elected are my photographic transfers on plexiglass. I had these pieces in local shows, as well as a show in Nashville. For the larger pieces, this will be the first showing in Milwaukee. So that's exciting...

The second series is a little more complicated. Over the years, I have been capturing what I like to call "Moments in Between." These are the small moments, the breaths between one instance to the next.The randomness of my interests and things that catch my eye. My pure selfish indulgences. I had several posted up in my space as source material and have shown three of these formally. These also caught Ana's eye! I never would of imagined sharing the bulk of them publicly. According to Ana they show, the "Intelligence of the snapshot. A distilled personal moment." Wow, that sounds beautiful... I love how she has described my act of looking.

Opening October 5th, about 50 of these images, along with the transfers, will be on view. I am slated to drop the work off next week and installation will begin shortly there after. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Salon: The Beginning

Greetings Fans! 

Will you join me in celebration? On Sunday afternoon I received the following email: "Congratulations, I am pleased to inform you of your acceptance into the MARNsalonII (Free Money) with guest curator Michelle Grabner!" 

MARN is the Milwakee Artist Resource Network. A Salon which began in Paris, is described by Wikipedia as, "The Salon or rarely Paris Salon (Salon de Paris), beginning in 1725 the official art exhibition of the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France. Between 1748-1890 it was the greatest annual or biannual art event in the Western world. In December 1890, the leader of the Societe des Artistes Francais, William Adolphe Bouguereau, propagated the idea that Salon should be an exhibition of young, yet not awarded artists." A salon is also known as a gathering of people under the guide of an inspiring host (guest curator in this case), to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the participants through conversation.

TA-DA!! That pretty much brings us to 2012. Your's truly has been blessed and selected to participate in the Milwaukee Artist Resource Network's Salon. I was personally invited to submit application, but still felt unsure. Needless to say, I have been personally invited before to apply for other "competitive" style fellowships, awards, etc. and not come out successfully. Several of you know, one of my motto's (one of the reason's I had the confidence to go to Italy), "What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?" And so I applied... and was accepted!

Will you join me as I share this journey?

Please start by visiting my personal portfolio at MARN. You can also support my efforts through this page. At this point, I have replied and accepted MY SPOT in the Salon! I am one of only four artists that will be featured. *swoon* In the next two weeks I will have a studio visit from MARN's curator Ana Hansa-Ogren as we begin the process in sharing, "a chance to spark critical dialogue in Milwaukee and share [my] creative practice with other artists and art professionals." Oh, and of course make work! I look forward to sharing this journey with you...

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Blanket Bingo

Greetings Fans,
 Annette welcomes you to my new space!
As you may recall, my artist residency will conclude on August 31st. The conclusion also means a need for a new studio space.

Last weekend I met with Mark David Gray about Studio 420b and this weekend I started moving in. My new location is where the north side of meets the south side of Milwaukee, better known as the 5th ward.

While I still have a few items left "across the line" it is exciting to think of what awaits in this new space.  I will be one of 4 artists (painter, graffiti artist, illustrator and me!) Believe it or not,  I am already finishing a piece in prep for the Walker's Point Center for the Arts Members show opening September 7th.I will be having a formal open house once I get a little more settled and inviting friends to make some art!
items left across the line
items left across the line
 In some ways this new space is similar to REDLine. A group of artists, sharing a space, making art. Although, there are some ways that it is quite different. The space is very open and all on one floor. Which was quite the blessing after moving up and down three flights of steps. In addition, the space being open, the "walls" have been created to assist in dividing the space. I love the sky lights and all the natural light that comes with...I spent some of the morning reorganizing and organizing my space. Fingers crossed this lasts.. 
my new space neat and organized!

my corner of inspiration

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mixed Emotions...

Hello Foto Fans!

During the past three years I have had the pleasure of being a resident artist with a local organization called REDLine, Milwaukee.  I first heard of this organization after attending a formal portfolio review. I had only been in back in Milwaukee a few months and had no intention of staying-- I was headed to New York City! Well, best laid plans, right? Unable to find funding for the program at ICP, I remained in Wisconsin, trying to figure out what to do next.

So again, hearing about REDLine, Milwaukee, touring the space, I could quickly see this was a special place and I decided to apply. I had made up my mind, if I was accepted, I will stay in Milwaukee and if not, I was heading back to Nashville. I really thought it was a long shot, as I compared myself to the other residents currently in place. Well, I was accepted... at the end of the two years, I applied for an optional third year and was accepted again. During my time I have grown as an artist and as a person...

(c)2012 laci coppins
Yesterday evening marked my final exhibition as a resident artist. I shared work that focused on a reflection of memory and loss. The conceptual foundation was rooted in the house fire, of the home my mother grew up in. The house that my uncle was currently living in with his family. This fire took place a year ago to the day of the exhibition reception. The installation, as pictured, used items from the home and encouraged interaction. My submission also included a triptych of photos and a sculpture created from discarded glass windows. The evening was filled with friends from my runners club, book club, fellow artists, colleagues from the Milwaukee Art Museum and of course family. I felt so loved and grateful to have shared this experience with each of them. And why I did fight back tears several times through the evening (no surprise to some of you) I really couldn't help but be thankful! This time has led my work to such a new place! A place I would of never imagined and can only dream of where it will go...

As the time marches on, I will have a duet show with my mentor Ann Wydeven, as a RETURNING artist to REDLine, Milwaukee in January 2013 and have already been invited to teach a one day workshop or  3 session class in regards to the photographic processes I use for the community. My work will also be featured at Pyramax Bank of the Historic Third Ward starting August through the end of the year. And I will be in the members show at Walker's Point Center for the Arts from September 1 (which is when the REDLine show closes) through October 6th.

WOW!  Since I have been back in Milwaukee, I have pretty much been a resident artist with REDLine, Milwaukee. And now that this season is changing... I am excited to see what awaits with a grateful heart.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Perfect Time of Year...

Greetings Fans!

This morning I had the opportunity to work with one of my favorite groups of people-- High School Seniors! Always fun, just about willing to try anything and filled with great ideas, the time always goes by quickly.

Today's young lady is no exception. She really wanted to be able to share the compliment of her soft flowing dresses with nature, while contrasting them with the rustic architectural environment as well. We elected to try two areas around town to meet this goal.Personally, I much prefer shooting "on location" as opposed to a studio space. I have the natural light around me and I really enjoy being outside too. As promised, here are a few images from today's High School Senior Shoot!
(c)2012 laci coppins
(c)2012 laci coppins

(c)2012 laci coppins
I used a quick edit tool that allows me to add fun enhancements to each image. They will later be formally edited for the client's selection, followed by print and delivery. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and stay connected with the latest by following me on Twitter @FotoFans!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buller?... Buller?

For shame... for shame... for shame... Hello Foto Fans! Remember me?

I can not believe that a year has gone by with no postings or updates. Perhaps this gives you a sense of the busy life I have been leading?

 I am still working away and have a new show that opens in 2 weeks! This will be my last resident show with REDLine, Milwaukee. Should you find yourself in town, please stop by… I am sharing several images and installations that are a true reflection of my current growth and pattern as an artist. I would love to have you join me and see what I have been up to!

In the meantime... @FotoFans on Twitter