Sunday, August 26, 2012

Beach Blanket Bingo

Greetings Fans,
 Annette welcomes you to my new space!
As you may recall, my artist residency will conclude on August 31st. The conclusion also means a need for a new studio space.

Last weekend I met with Mark David Gray about Studio 420b and this weekend I started moving in. My new location is where the north side of meets the south side of Milwaukee, better known as the 5th ward.

While I still have a few items left "across the line" it is exciting to think of what awaits in this new space.  I will be one of 4 artists (painter, graffiti artist, illustrator and me!) Believe it or not,  I am already finishing a piece in prep for the Walker's Point Center for the Arts Members show opening September 7th.I will be having a formal open house once I get a little more settled and inviting friends to make some art!
items left across the line
items left across the line
 In some ways this new space is similar to REDLine. A group of artists, sharing a space, making art. Although, there are some ways that it is quite different. The space is very open and all on one floor. Which was quite the blessing after moving up and down three flights of steps. In addition, the space being open, the "walls" have been created to assist in dividing the space. I love the sky lights and all the natural light that comes with...I spent some of the morning reorganizing and organizing my space. Fingers crossed this lasts.. 
my new space neat and organized!

my corner of inspiration