Sunday, October 7, 2012

Salon: The Opening

Greetings Fans,

Friday, October 5th was the opening of the MARNSalon: Free Money exhibition. The event was steadily attended and I had about 20 people come by personally to show their support. The exhibition is slated to be up until November 3rd. Take a peak and perhaps you will be able to stop by...
Moments in Between I

Moments in Between II

Waiting for Santa Claus
There will be a public Coffeee & Critque on Satuday (10/13) 11-2pm. The MARN Gallery is open Monday & Tuesday 12-5pm, Thursday & Friday 12-6pm and Saturdays 10-4pm. And of course art objects are for sale, so feel free to bring cash.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salon: The Installation

Greetings Fans!

Yesterday evening I began the installation process with the guest (protege) curator. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with several gallery curators (some also artists), but being an emerging artist you typically self-curate. Also in my job at the Museum, I have several opportunities, dare I say daily, to interact with/have conversation, etc with professional (terminal degree having, experts in a specific field) curators.

One thing I have not experienced was my work being altered from my true intent as the artist and the concept of the installation-- until last night.After placing 29 of the 50 requested 3" x 5" images, I was told this wasn't what SHE was looking for. To say I was totally taken back is an understatement. I wasn't sure how best to respond, but did my best to remain professional. While I preferred my work to form more of grid, SHE preferred a more scattered approach. This is an interactive piece, that as images are sold, people will remove the image right from the wall, leaving a vacant space, a since of wondering, dare I say loss? However, HER intent is to scatter the pieces, remove the connections and associations and leave them there random. And yes, while people will still be able to purchase and remove accordingly, the sense of emptiness and loss is gone and nor implied.

Tomorrow is the opening of the exhibition, it will be interesting to see the response by viewers. I am most certain the question will be presented, "Why are these pictures installed like this?" My response, "I'm not sure, you should probably ask HER, since it wasn't my intent or idea."