Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art on Fondy--- Installation

Greetings Fans!

Well, it’s official… All of the hard work for the Art-On-Fondy Project has paid off. As promised I am including photos from the installation. Special thanks goes to Joe and Anwar (fellow artists) for their help and documentation of the project. Along with, Byron from Sherman Park Senior Living Center for his extra help as well!

As you can see, my intent separates the image into parts. The amazing thing, the information that is missing, becomes filled by our brains! Cool, huh? (Pardon my neuroscience geek moment.)

Here is a brief behind the scenes moment, I worked with EpicColor, a local company, for all my printing needs. They were WONDERFUL!! And might I add patient as I attempted to convey my concept from my head to my mouth. Although, they warned me, while they tried to keep the image strips in order, they possibly shuffled a bit, because they became a little confused with all the patterns and text. Needless to say, I actually assembled the image on the ground, before installing it formerly between the bars to be sure I kept things in order!

Picking up the images!

Organize First!



Extra Help!

Life became A LOT easier at the Curative Care Network site, since this image was a solid piece.

The last few images include my photograph, along with the models! Such a treat!!

Until, next time friends… see you in the newspaper or in the Twitterverse @FotoFans