Saturday, June 15, 2013

IN:SITE Art on Fondy

Hello Fans, 

So I have been keeping this project pretty close to the vest, but now... the word is getting out. 
A "sneak peak" of one of the images used!

So here is strike 2, ironically, in my own words. Please take a minute to read the latest with regards to my participation in the Art of Fondy Project. I will be completing a public art installation at Sherman Park Senior Living Center (formerly Jackie Robinson Middle School) and Curative Care Network, entitled Life in Retrospect. 

The experience has been one that I have learned so much from!! Pegi Christian, the project organizer and one of the founders of IN:SITE is beyond awesome! I am really thankful for this new opportunity. My images actually went to print this week!! Just wait... they will be close to 40x60 inches each! This is the first time I have ever printed this large! *pins and needles*

The community is excited and welcoming of this endeavor. I am excited too! Be sure and stay up to date by following me on Twitter @FotoFans I promise to include images from the installation set for the 22nd!

Until next time...

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